Google Search Console Update: Indexing Issues Seamlessly Integrated with Performance Graphs

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Google Search Console (GSC) users have recently been greeted with a notable update, one that promises to enhance their webmaster experience. Indexing issues, which were previously relegated to a separate dashboard, have now been seamlessly integrated into the Performance graphs within GSC. This move aims to provide webmasters with a more holistic view of their website's performance while making it easier to identify and address any indexing problems. However, as with many updates, there are some initial hiccups and inconsistencies, leading to speculation about whether it's a feature or just a bug.

The Integration of Indexing Issues

One of the most significant improvements introduced in this update is the integration of indexing issues directly into the GSC Performance graphs. This means that webmasters can now see indexing-related problems in the same place where they monitor their website's performance metrics.

Previously, indexing issues were housed in a separate dashboard, requiring webmasters to toggle back and forth between different sections of GSC to gather a comprehensive understanding of their site's health. This separation often led to inefficiencies in problem-solving and hindered the ability to correlate indexing problems with performance changes.

With the integration, webmasters can observe indexing issues, such as crawl errors, coverage problems, or even penalties, in conjunction with performance data. This combined view provides a more intuitive and efficient way to diagnose and address issues that may be affecting a website's visibility on Google's search results.

Deeper Insights at Your Fingertips

Another advantage of this update is the ability to access additional information with ease. When an indexing issue is identified on a specific date, webmasters can click on that date within the Performance graphs. This action opens up a more detailed view, offering deeper insights into the specific issues that occurred on that day.

This feature is especially valuable for webmasters who want to understand the impact of indexing problems on their website's performance. By clicking on the error date, they can access valuable data, such as the affected URLs, the reasons behind the errors, and recommendations for resolving them. This level of granularity enables webmasters to take swift and targeted action to rectify issues and improve their website's overall performance.

Inconsistencies and Uncertainties

While the integration of indexing issues into the Performance graphs is a promising development, it is important to note that this feature appears to be inconsistent in its availability across all properties. Some users have reported that they cannot access the indexing issues within the Performance graphs, leading to speculation about whether this is a fully rolled-out feature or just a bug.

Webmasters have encountered situations where the indexing issues for some of their properties are seamlessly integrated, while others remain unaffected. This inconsistency has left some questioning the reliability and completeness of the update.


The recent Google Search Console update, which integrates indexing issues into the Performance graphs, offers a promising solution to the longstanding problem of managing website health and performance separately. This integration provides webmasters with a more intuitive and efficient way to monitor, diagnose, and resolve indexing issues.

However, it's essential to be aware of the current inconsistencies in the availability of this feature across different properties. While some users are benefiting from this integration, others are left wondering whether it's a fully rolled-out feature or a temporary bug.

Webmasters are advised to keep an eye on Google's official announcements and updates regarding GSC to stay informed about any developments related to this feature. In the meantime, those who have access to the integrated indexing issues feature can take advantage of the enhanced insights and efficiency it offers in managing their website's performance and health.