Google indexing process, credit to Semrush

I tried Google SGE. Here are my first impressions as an SEO


AI-generated results are slow. Like really slow. On some queries, I had to wait, on average, 8 seconds for the results to show up :)

Google SGE


Users get to decide what kind of results they want: with some queries, you’ll get a “Generate” button that will give you AI results if you click on it.

Google SGE

Featured snippets

Good’ol featured snippets still show up. I even got them with AI-generated results.

Google SGE

Content attribution

Whether we like it, Google does not mention the websites it used to fetch the content. Which is bad for content creators.

Google SGE

Content freshness

I searched for the latest Macbook Air launched by Apple. The AI-generated results mention the M2 13-inch Macbook AIR. In reality, the latest Macbook Air is the 15-inch edition they unveiled at WWDC.

Weirdly though, I asked for the latest products Apple launched at WWDC, and the 15-inch MacBook Air was mentioned.

Besides the AI-generated results, I also got access to the new Google Docs with AI assistance. And compared to what I got from Chat GPT, the results were not so great. Here's a quick look at the outcome.